Sole Selling Listing

We offer the following services for Sole Selling Agency :



Colour Brochure

We'll prepare Colour Brochure of your property. And will send it to all the Major Brokers in Mumbai.


We'll prepare Advertisement for your Property & will publish the same in Major News Papers.

Measurement & Plan

Our Architect will come to your place & will take the measurement & the plans prepared will be available for any queries.


We'll market your property in the dynamic manner. You don't have to worry about anything at all !!

Listing on Internet

We'll put your Listing on the Internet also along with the Photographs.


We'll help you fetching best price as there will be no competition among the brokers and we are well versed with the market trends.


We provide all the services from Inspection, Stamp Duty, Registration to all the Legal matters.

Time Saving

It's definitely time saving for you.

If you want any further information, you are requested to kindly contact us.

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